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Jensen 3-Drawer Biomedical Tool Kit, with Custom Foam Inserts

Original price $1,644.50 - Original price $1,644.50
Original price
$1,644.50 - $1,644.50
Current price $1,644.50

This Jensen Tool Kit includes the following:


Drawer 1:

4mm Nutdriver Blade

4.5mm Nutdriver Blade

5mm Nutdriver Blade

5.5mm Nutdriver Blade

6mm Nutdriver Blade

7mm Nutdriver Blade

8mm Nutdriver Blade

9mm Nutdriver Blade

10mm Nutdriver Blade

11mm Nutdriver Blade

Nutdriver Blade 3/16

Nutdriver Blade 7/32

Nutdriver Blade 1/4

Nutdriver Blade 9/32

Nutdriver Blade 5/16

Nutdriver Blade 11/32

Nutdriver Blade 3/8

Nutdriver Blade 7/16

Nutdriver Blade 1/2

Offset Ratcher Driver

Handle 4 1/8

Driver Blade Ext 4''

13213 Ball Hex Set

Ball Hex Set

Dbl-End Screwstarter

Key Spline Set

Screwdriver Pc Slot 1/8X3

Screwdriver Pc Ph #0X3

Screwdriver Ph #1X6

Screwdriver Ph #2X4

Screwdriver Slot 1/8X4

Screwdriver Slot 3/16X3

Screwdriver Slot 3/16X8

Screwdriver Slot 1/4X2

Screwdriver Stubby 1/4X2

Screwdriver Stubby #2X2

Driver Ttorx Tt20

Driver Ttorx Tt15

Driver Ttorx Tt10

Driver Ttorx Tt8


Drawer 2:

Pliers Chain Nose 6''

Pliers Diag Cutter 4''

Pliers Chain Nose 4-3/4''

Pliers Groove Joint 10''

Locking Plier Vise

Pliers, Slip Joint 6''

Tape Measure 16'

Scratch Brush

Serrated Scissors

424-340 30W Soldering Iron

Precision Knife

Wire Stripper 16-26Awg


Pk/5 #11 Blade

Pick Up Tool Mir/Magnet

Drawer 3:

Socket 4mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 5mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 6mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 7mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 8mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 9mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 10mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 11mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket 12mm 1/4'' Drive

Socket Set 1/4'' Drive - 14 Pc/Inch

8mmx19mm Metric OE Wrench

10mmx11mm Metric OE Wrench

12mmx13mm Metric OE Wrench

14mmx15mm Metric OE Wrench

16mmx17mm Metric OE Wrench

3/8X7/16 OE Wrench

1/2X9/16 Open OE Wrench

Wrench OE 9/16X5/8

Wrench OE 11/16X3/4

Wrench OE 13/16X7/8

Adjustable Wrench 6''

Vm51 - Metric Wrench 4-5mm

Vm52 - Metric Wrench 5-4mm

Vm57 Durston Wrench 8-9mm

Vm58 Durston Wrench 9-8mm

Metric WR, OE 6/7mm

Metric WR, OE 7/6mm

Metric WR, OE 4.5/5.5mm

Metric WR, OE 5.5/4.5mm

Open End Wrenches 8Pc

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